Brother Scanner

Why Use TrackerScan?

TrackerScan is built to integrate with printers and scanners supplied by Brother. If you find yourself regularly scanning tickets or scan during any other part of your office routine then TrackerScan may be right for you! Easily scan anything from a driver’s license and titles to registrations and forms.

Utilizing this feature, no one in the office would ever need to go digging in a box in another room to find an original copy of a document – only to make yet another copy. Simply look up the ticket via Recall and print out a copy of any document you have.

Go Green!

Scanners, by Brother, are small footprint, industrial quality products that can attach directly to the workstation/computer that you release your vehicle from. Once installed you are able to scan your documents with the main Tracker software and attach them to tickets in the Tracker system. Providing a copy of that document is as simple as pressing print or choosing the email option. It’s time to cut unnecessary paper costs from your budget with TrackerScan!

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Brother Scanner and Printer

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