Run Your Towing Operation with Unmatched Efficiency

TrackerMaps takes dispatching simplicity to a new level with a light easy to interpret dashboard. The easy to understand interface means it will be easy for your dispatchers to quickly pick up. Assigning trucks is as easy as touch-to-tow. To dispatch a job, you touch the icon for that call, then the choose the right equipment for the job and you can see who is closest to the job.

With integrated TomTom units drivers are able to update call information. Additionally, TrackerMobile allows drivers to quickly touch a button to accept a call. After accepting a call all routing information is displayed for the driver. With all these solutions to streamline your business it’s time to make the move to Tracker.

TrackerMaps Screenshots

See it, Touch it, Tow it

TrackerMaps is the first touch-and-tow dispatch system that gives you instant visual status. Simply drag and drop call locations, assign drivers to calls, and so much more!

Flatbed with Car

Intuitive Dispatching

Formerly TrackerTouch, TrackerMaps provides the same power users have enjoyed for nearly a decade. The simplified interface makes dispatching from it a breeze. Your zones are clearly marked on the map and icons show drivers with their current status as well as destinations for active calls you may be working on.

You can directly view all of your drivers available on the graphics based interface. TrackerMaps puts you in direct communication with your drivers and gives you oversight on your entire towing business. Help your dispatchers send the best drivers in the least amount of time by using TrackerMaps.

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