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Best in the Towing Industry

Tracker 11 is the most robust and expansive towing management software to date. Using the Tracker 11 management system you get a complete overview of your towing company. With the software, you can dispatch calls to drivers, run reports on the health of your company, and bill your customers. Tracker 11 is designed to reduce complexity and redundancy in your daily processes meaning you’ll have more time for what’s really important in running your business.

Additionally, when combined with other Tracker products like TrackerMobile, available on Android and iOS, you can get a full view on where drivers are or the status of their jobs. Tracker 11 also integrates with a variety of other products and services hand-selected to benefit towing businesses like TomTom which allows for accurate GPS monitoring of drivers.

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Get rich reports about the health of your business.


Build and distribute invoices directly from the system.


Efficiently manage and track all vehicle in your impound lot.


With a QuickBooks integration you can easily manage your books.

Rates Setup

Quickly set rates for all your contracts which can be used to quickly build invoices.


Send jobs directly to drivers from the dispatch board.

Lien Letters

Tracker helps track when letters need to be sent.

Employee Manager

Tickets are marked with who was involved on the call from dispatch to completion.

Tracker, Keeping Your Towing Business Moving

At Tracker, we say the software is to “help you track the dollar” and our software reflects that helping you get paid for jobs faster and monitor where that money is coming from.

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The Industry Standard for Towing Software

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Leading 24/7 Support

Tracker 11 comes with the best support in the industry meaning you can rest easy should you ever run into a problem or have a question with how to best use the system. Our Help Desk team is available 24/7 if your system has an error and our technicians will work tirelessly to help you resolve your issue.

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Driver Communication

When combined with TrackerMobile, the Tracker system puts your drivers and dispatchers in direct communication. Jobs can be sent to drivers without ever picking up the phone! Additionally, drivers can update job statuses, share photos of the scene, and attach those photos directly to tickets.

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High-End Reporting

Tracker has the most depth of reporting available in the towing industry. These reports are built from recommendations of other towers and are designed to help give you a complete picture on how your towing company is being run. Track every aspect of your business. Finally, using the recall feature you can quickly search and find all of your old tow tickets.

More Solutions Than Any Other Provider


Tracker 11 is available for purchase without monthly fees! Tracker is one of the few companies in the towing software industry to allow towers to purchase the software outright giving you complete control. Our staff will work diligently to help you build and setup your own server or find you the best package possible to host your data. These systems can also be custom-built to your specifications.


The Tracker 11 server can now be accessed from the Cloud as an internet-based solution. This means you don’t need to own your own server. With a Cloud-based setup users access their information from our servers via remote-access. When using this system you are billed monthly and your information is hosted on our servers. Rest easy, you own all your data and we never have and never will hold you hostage!

Serious Towers Use Tracker

The original Tracker management system has been around for over 30 years and in that time we have built features requested by towers. We have continued to refine our product to perfectly match the needs of our customers. On our journey to create the best software possible for towers we have continued to lead innovation and adaptability in the industry. We are constantly introducing new features at the request of customers and work diligently to fix the rare bug or two.

Additionally, our members only, Clubhouse contains a variety of documentation providing detailed information on how our products are used. We believe in helping our customers understand the ins and outs of the software which is why we recommend and provide training to all new customers. We believe this helps our customers get the most out of the product that they can. So what are you waiting for? Request your demo today!

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What our customers are saying about Tracker 11

Jim B. | Owner

"We have had Tracker for 7 years now and it has helped with bookkeeping, letter sending and all types of administration needs of a towing company. We have been blown away by the easy user-friendly systems and how much it has advanced our game with police departments and accounts. We still haven't even reached Tracker's full potential yet either! The best part is the owners & staff who make you feel like a friend, rather than just a client. No matter the size of your fleet, Tracker is the answer!"

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