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Bringing together decades of customer input, Tracker is proud to present our newest flagship product. Taking all of the power of Tracker 11 to the web making it accessible from anywhere in the world on any device.

With Tracker, running your towing operation will be a breeze. The All New Tracker builds on those existing features while being more accessible than ever before. Improve your tow operation by switching to Tracker today!


With the new dispatching grid you can send calls to drivers, update ticket information, and new views make information easier to visualize.

  • Filter Your View
  • Assign Trucks & Drivers

Map View

Take visual dispatching to a whole new level with the map view. Simply drag calls onto a driver to assign a call!


Search from a variety of call criteria to find old tickets by vehicle, tow type, owner information, and more!


Ticket pages now present all information in an orderly view, while a timeline makes it easy to plan all steps of a call.

New Tracker

Streamline Your Motor Club Process

Digital Dispatch streamlines your motor club process with support for incoming calls from most major motor clubs, an easy-to-use intuitive interface, and friendly reminders. You can rest easy knowing digital dispatch will inform you about incoming calls. As more major motor clubs move towards requiring fully digital setups you can be ahead of the curve as digital dispatch exceeds motor club requirements.

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The All New Tracker

Software Made for Towing

Our system was built from the ground up with the towing operations in mind. We have carefully crafted a system we believe will truly benefit any towing company. Our work never stops as we continue to add features based on user request and need.



Send calls to drivers with ease thanks to visual dispatching from map view or handle a high volume of calls using the traditional dispatch grid.


Create custom invoices with itemized reports giving you control over what appears on your invoices. Additionally, defaults help the entire process run even smoother.


Set key performance indicators to run reports on data points you find valuable to your company. Compare various components of your company or run reports on call volume and types of tows.


Maintain an organized list of drivers with full reports on employment history, certifications, and more. For drivers this data can be passed along with them when moving companies.

Towing Software that Grows with Your Company

The main Tracker software is constantly evolving and growing to incorporate the features towers need and use most often. Our dedicated sales and technical teams work closely to listen to what you need out of software and then translate those goals to development where new features can be materialized for the app. These same team member have the same mission as you do, to grow and maintain your business in a way that is professional and prompt. We know that your business never stops moving and growing and Tracker is there to support your needs as you continue to grow your business.

Vector Rotator Tow Truck

Mobile Friendly

Dispatch from your couch at home or while on the go thanks to mobile-friendly design meaning you can dispatch calls, view recalled tickets, and all the other features that you enjoy with the desktop version.

A mobile feature like this is great for operations where dispatchers prefer to work from home or for operations where drivers may need to dispatch calls to themselves. Additionally, visual dispatching means you'll see what is available to you and your distance from those locations.

New Tracker on Responsive Mobile Phones

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