The Fastest Way to Find Your Customers

TowLocate is a location based app designed to make finding your customers a painless part of your towing process. Drivers can send a text message to your customers via the Tracker system. This notification requests permission from the customer to allow for Geolocation of their cell phone. From there you have the customer’s exact longitude and latitude meaning you won’t be driving around for hours trying to find their car.

Additionally, give your customers access to their assigned driver’s location. This helps your customers have a sense of when their driver will arrive or call in to help with locating their vehicle easier. Finally, use TowLocate as a way to request payment from your customers.

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TowLocate Process
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Never Waste Time Looking for a Tow Again

TowLocate helps you run your business more efficiently. When your drivers are wasting time looking for tows they could be completing additional jobs. With TowLocate you get exact coordinates for your customer’s location meaning your drivers find tows faster freeing them up for additional jobs.

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