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If you operate impound lots we understand the tremendous need you have to secure and protect your inventory against many different risks. Until now, processing vehicles quickly and accurately while dynamically updating inventory was impossible. With LotManager you have the ability to complete inventories in record time.

LotManager allows you to record which bidder buys the vehicle, record how much it sold for, and send the information to the office in real time. Bidders can go to the office anytime during the sale and pay for what they have bought, reducing end of auction office traffic, and paperwork.

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Run live auctions directly from the app eliminating paperwork and expediting your auction process.

Barcode Scanning

Use the barcode scanner to quickly and accurately record all vehicle in your lot.

Mobile App

Use the mobile app on your phone or tablet to breeze through your yard.


Reports notify you of differences between inventory collections letting you know what’s missing fast.

"Is LotManager Right For Me?"

If you run an impound lot and want to see your inventory times drastically drop then using LotManager may be the perfect solution. Using barcodes to label cars as they are introduced to your impound lot, LotManager allows you to quickly go through your lot scanning and recording all vehicles.

LotManager and Honeywell Scanner

The Right Tools for the Job

Having a the right tools for the job is critical and LotManager has you covered. When a vehicle is towed to your lot a barcode sticker is applied to the vehicle. That barcode can be scanned using a barcode scanner to retrieve that vehicle information from a synched Tracker account. Using LotManager you can make sure inventory day won’t take all week.

With all the vehicle records you’ll be able to collect, LotManager can then provide you with high-end reports alerting you to differences between inventories. Additionally, these reports help your future inventories go even faster and more accurately preventing lost or stolen vehicles.

Experience Lotmanager for Yourself

You can learn more about our app by visiting one of the app stores. We recommend calling in or requesting a demo so we can put you on the path to success with your inventory management.

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