Digital Dispatch

Manage all your motor club calls from one simple locations. Best of all call information can be imported into Tracker to make dispatching even easier.

Clear Call List

Calls are color coded by status making it easier to identify calls that still need attention. Additionally, sound notifications can be set to play when new calls reach the list.

Job Details

Information about a job is displayed in a clear, consise manner making it easy to filter through information and respond to your motor club calls as fast as possible.


Respond directly to motor clubs with a list of approved statuses from motor clubs. Accept calls with ETAs, Reject calls and provide a reason, or request a phone call for more information about the job.


Digital Dispatch puts you in control with a list of settings available that apply globally to the app or for more control modify settings for each motor club.

Digital Dispatch

Streamline Your Motor Club Process

Digital Dispatch streamlines your motor club process with support for incoming calls from most major motor clubs, an easy-to-use intuitive interface, and friendly reminders. You can rest easy knowing digital dispatch will inform you about incoming calls. As more major motor clubs move towards requiring fully digital setups you can be ahead of the curve as digital dispatch exceeds motor club requirements.

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Integrates With These Motor Clubs

We recommend calling in for a current list as new motor clubs are regularly being added.

  • Agero Logo
  • Geico Logo
  • United States Auto Club Logo
  • Allied Insurance Logo
  • Quest Logo
  • Fleetnet Logo
  • Road America Logo
  • Nation Safe Drivers Logo
  • Allstate Logo

Motor Club Software Done Right

Digital Dispatch by Tracker integrates with all the major motor clubs to streamline your experience. This is how working with motor clubs was meant to be.



Send your motor club calls directly to the main Tracker system to be sent to drivers.


Run reports on call volume and reponses via Activity Report which gives a breakdown of your calls by Motor Club.


Utilize the settings page to customize your Digital Dispatch experience.


Charge the motor clubs for your tows directly through the Digital Dispatch system.

Why Go Digital?

Tired of writing out the same ticket multiple times? With Digital Dispatch you can simplify and streamline your process as Digital Dispatch quickly displays and saves call information. This information can be accessed through the Tracker base integration and means you have your data in one searchable spot.

Motor Clubs have begun adopting digital dispatching integrations due to its ease of use. Because of this they are giving preferential treatment to towers using a digital dispatching system, which means more calls for you and more money in your pocket. Digital Dispatch will boost your operations efficiency as you can save time by responding faster and not having to rewrite tickets out or input information by hand.

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A Mobile Solution to Motor Clubs

You can now take Digital Dispatch on the go with you! Our new web app features a mobile friendly design meaning you can use it on your phone or tablet and you get access to the full Digital Dispatch software simply by signing into your account. Even if you’re a small towing operation Digital Dispatch can help you better interact with motor clubs helping you get preferential treatment.

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